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Both residential and commercial structures must have fixed windows. The best materials and technologies are used in the construction of our uPVC fixed windows to provide you the most long-lasting, effective, and beautiful fixed window designs that satisfy all of your needs and demands.

Picture windows are another common name for fixed windows. These are fixed, non-opening windows that are made to let in light and provide an unhindered view of the outside. The uPVC fixed windows from Fenesta go even farther by significantly increasing the appearance of your house. You will have a difficult time choosing which sort of fixed window to purchase due to the variety of style possibilities available.

About Fixed Windows

Perfectionism is something we value at N Star UPVC Windows. This is why Fenesta fixed windows are made with the highest level of accuracy possible using the best possible production equipment. There is nothing like the services we offer. Fenesta will meet your needs for fixed windows with glass designs or fixed windows that can be customised. Additionally, the prices and costs associated with installing uPVC fixed windows have been maintained low. To learn more about our fixed window rates and the fixed window installation fees, get in touch with us.

Fixed windows are ideal for rooms where ventilation and egress are not an issue because they are made to provide uninterrupted views of the outside and let the most natural light into a room. Fastened windows help further improve the thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities of uPVC windows because they are fixed into the opening and do not open.

N Star UPVC Windows uses top-notch manufacturing equipment and assures greatest precision in the production of our uPVC fixed glass windows with the goal of providing the best quality products. The cost of N Star UPVC Windows' uPVC fixed glass windows varies depending on the kind of glass used, the size of the window, and other similar variables. Furthermore, Fenesta fixed windows are supported by exact installation and quick support, both of which contribute to total client satisfaction.


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Excellent quality of material and very prompt and quality service is rendered. Within 3 days we were supplied the Windows and doors and got installed.Providkng excellent service in all respects


Got them installed in my house and installation was quick and they are durable and of good quality, get a quote here and compare the prices yourself

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Let me first appreciate Tostem Studio for their super service and customer friendly approach. I had a problem with my windows and they fixed it no time and very responsibly. They have variety of options for windows, partitions for your new home. I would highly recommend Tostem. Thank you Tostem Team.

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